jennifer downey
The Temptation of ResignationNegotiating the NarrowsSubmerged in a Long-Ago FloodA Deluge of Gossamer IceGathering ForceA Melding of Land and SkyA Latent Knowledge (diptych)Old Wise LimbsBareStormy GlowFragile BeautiesSentinel SpiritsClearingFertilityHeavy WaterAbove the FogAn Everchanging LandscapeA Year's TimeWaning Summer, Endless Hills
Feminine Nature
This series combines my interest in the human/land relationship with a longtime interest in the female experience and role in society. In particular, I’m curious about power: who has it (and who doesn’t), the shape it takes in culture, and its influence on our perception of value. In a culture that’s built on and celebrates an overt, forceful kind of power, I am looking at something different. I see it in: women leading peace negotiations, men choosing to honor their emotions, the practice of empathy, people following their dreams, and the mystery and elegance of nature’s innumerable systems.